I’m a strategist by trade and a planner by heart, making me one and the same no matter whDSC_0381at I do. The funny thing though, is that planning and strategy is not  “common sense” for everyone. I only came to realize this after numerous  encounters with people who irritated and frustrated me greatly ’cause “what do you MEAN you didn’t think of THIS or THAT?!” Where it is second nature to me in all areas of my life, it is a near impossibility for others.

I want to try and change that, as strategy and planning is actually quite simple once you know how to fit the puzzle pieces together. My goal with this blog, is to make you realize, that you can strategise, plan and execute an idea in any area of your life. I hope the topics that we will discuss, will make you see that strategy is not just for the ‘smart’ people; its for ALL people who are willing to put in the time and effort to plan and strategise. So, here’s to  strategy made easy!