It’s been a while I know. Between work, life and my house things were just a bit too hectic PLUS I didn’t really know what to write about to be honest. BUT I found some inspiration in my DYI-ing.

I wrote about my big feet before and how I HATE shoe shopping because shoes never fit. Miraculously one of our local, cheaper stores started to sell 9 (42) shoes. I was ECSTATIC cause I could actually afford more than one pair of stylish shoes for a change! I’ve always wanted red shoes and can you believe it….they sold RED shoes!!!! Only problem is it could only be bought via the internet. As I bought some 9 from them earlier that week with the 9’s fitting BEAUTIFULLY, I thought the shoes would be the same fit.

Alas that was not the case. The shoes arrived, I was SUPER excited until I tried it on. I had a “Peeping toe”. It squashed my feet so badly that my middle toe popped through the sandal  holes and my toes hanging off at the front. Just trust me it was BAAAAD! I decided to make a PLAN so that I could have RED shoes. I bought glitter ribbon, cut the back of the shoe open and pasted these strips over the new opening. Tada! No more “peeping toe”! Problem solved.

Another example is the bench cushion I was trying to make. I decided there is NO way that I’m sowing a bench-cushion together from scratch. The fact that I do some sowing on the side is exactly why I knew trying to make one of those little suckers is just going to be a MASSIVE disaster, cause it’s MUCH harder than it looks. So I googled and found this great easy, quick way to make a cushion with some backboard, sponge, material and a staple gun. Within 25min I had a cushion that looks AWESOME.

And here is where the strategy bit comes in. Strategy is all about making plans. There could be a variety of ways to solve the problem, but weighing them and deciding on a specific course of action is exactly what strategy is.

My challenge to you is, have the courage to MAKE PLANS! It is in the developing of these plans that we become creative and come up with innovative solutions that are genius!

So stop moaning about the problem, and start thinking about HOW you could change it. DIY guys, DIY!