If you read the “About” section, you’ll see that I say my life IS strategy. Now, you might not believe me, but let me give you an example of how far my ‘handicap’ goes. My husband and I decided we wanted to go overseas. We got cheap tickets (all relative when comparing the South African rand to the EURO) and so the planning began. Now, as I am SUCH a good planner, I was doing everything and I mean EVERYTHING myself. No Contiki tour for us thank you very much! I’m a STRATEGIST so I will make ALL the plans MYSELF. I hopped from tripadvisor to bookings.com to holidayletting.uk to what to do in Provence and what NOT to miss in Paris to car rental companies to budget tours in Florence cause we were on a budget after all…I can honestly go on and on and on.

I hope you can read between the lines that ‘living strategy’ is great, but not great. It’s great because by its mere nature strategy is about thinking and or planning for any kind of scenario. We got some really great deals which we would have missed if I didn’t look at all the scenarios. But it also stole some of the joy, because you can take it too far which sucks all the joy out of the process. There were nights were I was sooooo sick and tired of looking at the “top 10 things to see” which differed from EVERY sight I visited and as you can hear; they were many, but I HAD TO find the best possible solution for our once in a lifetime trip. Luckily I have a husband who is a mellow, go with the flow kind of guy, so he kept me sane in my hours of need, but the point is that there is a time where you have to say to yourself: ENOUGH.

That being said, we got on the plane with a bounded book, filled with our itinerary for EVERY day, train tour or event tickets, travel insurance, a pre-ordered euro zone SIM card…that document represented 9 months of my life. It was a perfect strategy on paper that we lived imperfectly for three glorious weeks (we saved A LOT! Another topic for another post) cause life happened. Sometimes we stuck to the plan, while other days it was a mere guide or just totally ignored (luckily I planned open days into our trip!!).


In summary: living strategy is a great way to help you think of all possible scenarios and make plans accordingly. That bounded book ended up being a saving grace in many scenarios. However you can over strategise to such an extent that you lose the joy you had for it in the first place or lose the plot completely which I would have done if it wasn’t for my husband. So strategise, make plans, stick to it even when you start to hate it, but stop before you lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place.